Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What to wear with a black evening dress

Obviously,wearing a red evening dress can always make women more stunning. But for those who are not used to standing out in the crowd, strikingly, need a balance while wearing a red gown. All in all,confidence is the first condition you need to have. In addition,what else you need to do? Just read this article.

Perfect dress style

Firstly,the choice of your red evening dresses is very important. The red evening dress already exudes sexiness; therefore you should choose a simpler style. A plain red gown can be very attention grabbing so the trick here is to steer clear of all the attraction like daring cleavage and party lines. It is very important to keep the silhouette clean and curvy. The way the evening gown falls on your body is very integral to the way you look in a long red dress.

Dress pattern

You can also wear patterns as they draw attention to your body. Choose a red evening gown with patterns on the waist to give you an hour glass figure. For large women; you should wear darker shades of red evening dresses like maroon or wine shades to draw less attention to your body and giving an illusion of pettiness. Choose a pattern around the bust line to take away the attention from problem area like the waist.


The evening gown speaks volumes and over accessories will just make it look tacky. To make it look elegant and sexy wear very delicate gold or silver jewelry. Do not over-do it with wearing all the jewelry together. You could either wear a neck piece or bangles, when wearing a long red dress. So,just keep the accessories chic and simple.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

What to wear with a white cocktail dress

Speaking of the most suitable clothes in summer,i believe you can't miss the white cocktail dress . It is reported that "if the little black dress is the staple of colder months of the year,it's the little white dress—that's the must-have during the summer." Then,to help you be a stylish girl,we are going to share you three ideas. Hope it can help you.

White dress with floral accessories
 obviously chic, but not trying too hard? Just prepare a white dress,and choose floral headwear to match with it.

White dress with all beige accessories
It probably isn't your first inclination to pair your little white dress with al nude accessories, but it totally works.

With a ladylike bag and nude sandals

Pair a white dress with a pair of basic nude sandals, and a structured bag that pulls the whole outfit together. Just like the little black dress, the little white dress has serious ladylike potential.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A-line evening dress

Because A-line evening dresses 2014 can provide girls an effective silhouette,there are more girls like to choose this style. It is suitable for any party theme and occasions,such as formal and informal occasions. Whatever the evening party theme is,the formal and consecrate feeling of the party will never be changed. If you like a-line evening dress,then you will want to try many traditional evening dresses,such a floral evening dress.

What's more,the material of A-line evening gowns is very expensive,such as chiffon,silk, velvet,organza,and so on. Among this material,silk is the most popular material. In the history,many designers would select silk as the main fibre. An evening dress can be made of any silhouette,such as sheath,mermaid,a-line or trumpet shaped. The waist can be divided into dropped waist,natural waist and empire waist.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Descriptions of strapless wedding dresses

Brides-to-be in summer are beautiful and charming, and a beautiful strapless wedding dress will make you more out of the ordinary. In recent years,strapless wedding dress is more popular than other styles. It can be sexy or sweet. Now,let's enjoy its own charm.

This is a simple design strapless neckline wedding dress, by selecting heavy sense material to make close fitting tailoring design. White sequins brighten the luster of the wedding, and white flowers design is the punch line of the dress, foiled the dress more subtle, so is the bride.

Wedding Dresses
This dress sets the bride off exceptionally elegant, letting the bride who wears white wedding dress exuding an enchanting flavor. Concise strapless wedding dress with close fitting tailoring, but inadvertently reveals luxurious feelings.

Wedding Dresses
Its wide skirt is in stark contrast to the sheath and column design, petite bride's figure appears graceful appearance. The upper body fitted dress is streamline tailored. Delicate embroidery show the dress with modern and vintage coexist combined with chapel train can look thinner. So fantastic.

What's more,bride with flat breasts is better to choice strapless wedding dress that can highlight your chest curve sense, with V-shape or sweetheart design wedding dress to add your feminine flavors. So,you can't miss this one.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Differences between empire and A-line wedding dresses 2014

When it comes to plus size wedding dress,most people may think of empire and a-line wedding dress. Yes,the two styles are really the best choice for plump brides. But,how to distinguish them? Then,we will help you to distinguish the two style of wedding dresses 2014 through two aspects.
Applicable body shapes

A-line dress is one of the most versatile and suitable for almost every body type. On a rounder bride, the smooth, vertical lines can give the illusion of a slimmer figure, while adding height to a shorter frame. Column-shaped brides can achieve a curvy image with a full skirt, as well as hide a fuller lower body. To accentuate or remove focus from certain body parts, simple modifications can be made to the fabric, waistline or neckline. Such is the versatility of the A-line wedding dress.
The empire cut is one of the most versatile, but is best suited for small-chested brides as it will draw focus to the neckline. Besides,very slim women should refrain from wearing empire dresses with these lines to prevent from looking too skinny. What's more,for pregnant brides, the Empire wedding dress is perfect for hiding a baby bump, as the smooth flow of the dress can cover it. Empire style wedding dresses never fail to impress.

A-line dress can be a full-length one with a long train for chapel weddings, or a knee-length one for the modern, adventurous bride. The Princess cut wedding dress  focuses on smooth lines which create a slimming effect. Vertical seems running from the neckline to the seems help for a narrower waistline while being bust flattering. Different variations of the Princess Line style can be altered for brides with a range of hip sizes.
Empire wedding dresses are great for brides with pear-shaped figures as they hide the hips and thighs, while enhancing the bust line. Characterized with high waistlines which gather just below the bust area, they flow smoothly down to the hem, creating an hourglass illusion. The Empire wedding dress can be altered to suit the different levels of formality, by adding and removing certain elements of the gown.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Guide to choose perfect 2014 bridesmaid dresses

Choosing a bridesmaid dress is one of the bride's biggest decisions, next to choosing her wedding dress. 2014 bridesmaid dresses are functional, meaningful, assist the bride to complement her features. In this article,we want to help you choose your own dress.

One:make sure the bridesmaid dresses are appropriate for your wedding theme
You know,different wedding themes need different dresses. And a morning or mid-afternoon wedding has a different level of formality than an evening wedding, it may require a different length or style for the dresses.

Two:know the bridesmaids' body shape

Choose appropriate styles that flatter every body shape of your bridesmaids, such as, the A-line bridesmaid dresses which seem to be the most flattering on most body types from tiny, medium and plus size.

Three:Choose right color

You can also find some wonderful examples and photos online or from magazines. If you plan a beach or special wedding: some could wear pink, others blue, others yellow, and others pale green.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Navy blue prom dresses uk

When it comes to the classic color of prom dresses uk,most people may think of black. In fact,navy blue is and will always be the constant aggregate. You can look ravishingly elegant in navy blue dresses. Here are several tips to help you match with your navy blue prom dress well.
Before choosing your dress,you should know your body shape well. A dress may fit you well in all the right places save for your waist. That is why you have to fit your desired dress before taking it home. If the waist size is too small, leave it behind.
Because of this dress's characteristics,you should choose your shoes carefully. You only have to be careful and keep away from bright colors as they never blend well with navy blue flower girl dresses. Go for dark flat, wedged or high heeled shoes. You can also pick a shoe color that will complement the color of your hand bag or hair accessories.

If you ever feel the desire to wear accessories, make sure to keep it at a minimum level, so as to maintain the elegance that you want to portray. Unlike white, navy blue doesn't go well with all the precious stone and metals. Silver stands out as one of the best metals one can use to adorn her navy blue dresses.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

wedding days: wedding dress wishlist ♥

Hi guys! I find this nice blog  http://www.strangeness-and-charms.com/2014/03/wedding-days-wedding-dress-wishlist.html,and i want to share it with you.

the wedding of my mum, the wedding of a very good friend of mine ... and no wedding for me XD well not exactly - i'm a guest at different weddings this year, but not at my own one. this one is still long way away ... one day it was quite close, but that's another story. but still i love to browse for beautiful dresses, especially those which orbit weddings, immaterial if it's a bridesmaid dress (here i have shown you some beautiful ones) or the perfect wedding dress (some can also be found here and here) - i already got several favourite wedding dress labels, and today i want to show you another selection of beautiful and modern wedding dresses for the future bride - each dress is different, each dress tells a different story, but in my opinion all of them are beautiful and have very fashionable styles.

i especially love all of the mermaid styles, especially combined with long trains, because they make such feminine and sexy curves, showing much and nothing at the same time. the first dress you can see in this post shows exactly what i mean - and i have very much fallen in love with it. i think that a style like this would be my perfect dress for a perfect wedding ... but i also love the empire,bow and the knee-length styles which i also show you in this post - i think that especially the short styles would also be a very nice idea for young and modern brides who want to get married in the register office, before marrying in a church - i would love to wear a short, ruffled or flared and white dress at my own one. but i also could imagine them at a beach wedding.

all of these dresses would be styles i would love for my own wedding and i believe that this selection is a great inspiration for all the lovely ladies among my dear readership who plan to get married soon!

which ones would be your favourites? 

Trumpet/Mermaid Bateau Satin Sweep Train Ivory Appliques Wedding Dresses

Sheath/Column Strapless Tulle Satin Sweep Train White Appliques Wedding Dresses

Trumpet/Mermaid High Neck Lace Tulle Sweep Train Pleats Wedding Dresses

Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Taffeta Court Train Flower(s) Wedding Dresses
Sheath/Column Sweetheart Lace Satin Sweep Train Beading Ivory Wedding Dresses

Princess Sweetheart Tulle Sweep Train Ruffles Wedding Dresses

A-line Sweetheart Tulle Satin Knee-length Tiered Wedding Dresses
Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Organza Satin Floor-length White Tiered Wedding Dresses

A-line Off-the-shoulder Organza Sweep Train White Flowers Wedding Dresses
Trumpet/Mermaid One Shoulder Organza Sweep Train Ivory Pick-Ups Wedding Dresses
Trumpet/Mermaid Halter Lace Tulle Court Train Beading Wedding Dresses

A-line Scoop Tulle Sweep Train Appliques Wedding Dresses
Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Tulle Sweep Train Lace Wedding Dresses
Empire Strapless Tulle Sweep Train Sashes / Ribbons Wedding Dresses
Ball Gown Sweetheart Organza Satin Chapel Train White Tiered Wedding Dresses
Trumpet/Mermaid Scoop Lace Tulle Court Train Sequins Wedding Dresses
Sheath/Column Sweetheart Tulle Sweep Train Ruffles Wedding Dresses
A-line Scoop Satin Chapel Train Bow Wedding Dresses
Trumpet/Mermaid V-neck Chiffon Court Train Lace Wedding Dresses
Ball Gown One Shoulder Tulle Sweep Train Lace Wedding Dresses
Princess Strapless Lace Tulle Sweep Train Buttons Wedding Dresses
Princess Strapless Tulle Floor-length Sashes / Ribbons Wedding Dresses
Trumpet/Mermaid High Neck Tulle Lace Court Train Beading Wedding Dresses
Sheath/Column Scoop Lace Short/Mini Flower(s) Wedding Dresses
Trumpet/Mermaid Off-the-shoulder Organza Court Train Lace Wedding Dresses
all of the dresses were found on http://uk.millybridal.org
the whole collection of 2014 wedding dresses uk can be found here: http://uk.millybridal.org/browse/wedding-dresses-2014-c-24/ 

Vintage look - sleeved wedding dress

In recent years,vintage dresses are more and more popular,especially vintage wedding dresses. Today,with the development of the fashion world,you can easily reach you want. If you prefer a vintage look on your wedding day,i suggest you to choose sleeved wedding dresses. In this article,we list affordable wedding dresses with sleeves from millybridalshop.com.
Quarter sleeved wedding dress
If you have a church wedding,i think this is your good choice. A chapel train finishes the whole look in a formal and brilliant way. Forming in an A-line style, this quarter sleeved wedding dress features a fitted appliques and beading bodice with 3/4-length sleeve. 
Off-the-shoulder wedding dress
This design is made of satin for the bodice while lace for the skirt. The lace sleeves add a subtle feel to the whole look. And the back is finished with zipper and covered buttons. If you are a fan of off-the-shoulder neckline, this wedding dress will be perfect to match your aesthetics.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Prom Dress Trends 2014

Prom season is coming,are you ready for your prom dress? Probably you have already started looking through fashion magazines, stores and blogs in search for inspiration for your dream prom dress. If you want to show your own charm,i think you'd better know the trends of prom dresses 2014.
Asymmetrical style
One shoulder prom dress is one of this style. You can choose a dress with asymmetrical neckline instead of the regular one: it won't change your look tremendously, but still add an interesting twist to it and accentuate your curves. Just try to introduce something unusual into your prom outfit.
Speaking of the fabric,chiffon can to add a touch of chic and elegance to your prom dress and make it look like a red carpet-appropriate attire. In addition,consider opting for the bottom that is higher at the front and lower at the back, which still remains a trendy option, or wear a dress with an illusion skirt.
If you prefer a princess look,this style is your good choice. If you are looking for an utterly sweet dress, consider opting for one-color dress. In case you want to bring drama and style to your look, opt for the dress with lace in contrasting color, for instance, the classy black and white combination. There is no a better way to add femininity, sensuality and delicateness to your look than lace.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Popular factors of prom dresses 2014

As we all know,everyone wants to be able to keep up with the trend. If you will attend a prom party,i think your popular prom dressesmust contain popular factors. But you will not require to dress up just like a red carpet celebrity if you are a little girl. In this article,listed here are some excellent the latest fashion factors of prom dresses 2014.
One:bright color
When it comes to the color of prom dresses 2014,dresses in bright colors are more popular. Go strong with colors like red, teal and fuschia? Here's just one suggestion, despite the fact that: Within the party you decide to go for virtually any strong colour, allow it to talk by itself, and stay with muted footwear and accessories.
Two:mermaid style

Of course,there are many different of prom dresses you can choose,but speaking of the most popular style,i want to recommend mermaid sty to you. The mermaid hem may go among two methods: a mermaid waistline or even a higher-reduced hem. A mermaid dress is normally a complete-length gown. The asymmetrical hemline could successfully flare right out of the waist or even the leg.
In 2014,comfortable materials are more popular among ladies. Chiffon is really a light-weight, relatively elastic materials that generally functions being an advanced overlay for an additional material. At the same time,silk and tulle are also ok.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Red-and-white prom dress

Today,prom dress is no longer confined to pure color,instead,multi-colored dresses are more and more popular,for instance,red-and-white prom dress. This is a great color combination, perfect for spring and summer. A red-and-white tailored dress can be a great choice for many different occasions.

This style also has different designs,and they are suitable for different occasions. In summer,a red-and-white tailored dress with polka dots is a great choice for a summer outfit. A red-and-white tailored dress with polka dots can be a great romantic outfit for dates, involving walks in the park and picnics. The color combination and the polka dot pattern will give you a sweet and feminine look. I believe,it will create a romantic feeling for you.

If you will attend a cocktail party,a red-and-white tailored dress can also be a good choice. Choose the length and the style of the red-and-white tailored dress according to the formality of the occasion. What's more,a pair of beautiful, party sandals or classic pumps in red will match your outfit.

In fact,this color combination is quite popular and looks really fresh. And the best thing about is that you don’t need many accessories to go with it. Hope you like this style.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Why choose a short wedding dress

In general,the minute a future bride steps into a wedding dress she will know instantly whether or not it is the perfect for. It's important to trust this gut reaction and act accordingly in choosing the perfect wedding dress. In this article,I would like to suggest you to choose beautiful pickeddresses short wedding dresses. Below is the advantages of short wedding dresses.

Advantage one:save your money
Usually,short wedding dresses are usually much more cheaper than long church bridal gowns. If you have other wedding expenses and don't want your wedding dress to take up the lion's share, why not try the short or tea length wedding dresses?

Advantage two:it is suitable for different wedding location

You know,a train is not ideal for an outdoor wedding. If you have an outdoor wedding, you will certainly want to consider not wearing a gown that would require you to wear high heels, unless you want to leave permanent marks on that beautifully manicured lawn.